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Friday, January 15, 2010
Sidenote #2

Norwegian Wood (Murakami) as a film.
Tran Ahn Hung directing, and I'm kind of shocked that someone actually thinks they can do this novel justice. Toru, Naoko and Midori shouldn't be brought to life because they'll never be just right. Murakami's words are what make this book so unforgettable, I can't see how the descriptions and internal dialogue will ever be conveyed to invoke the same feeling. Norwegian Wood is something that should be experienced as a book, and I have a feeling people will use the film as a way of it which is such a shame. It's one of those films I'll never see, even out of curiosity because it'll utterly change the way I read the novel. It's too bad because I bet I'll miss some amazing style and great cinematography, but I just can't watch it.

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