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Friday, July 10, 2009
Baby, we can live vicariously...

Life lesson #05
Tattoos require more commitment than marriage.

Despite knowing I'll never make the leap and get one, I often think about what kind of tattoo I might like and where (similar time-wasting activities are practising your signature, signing up for courses you could do in your spare time, like Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy, and photoshopping yourself into pictures to decide whether you'd look better with Steve McQueen or Louis Garrel). However, 'Tattoo Dreams' recently stopped after I saw Deidre But-Husaim's amazingly life-like paintings of people with these gorgeous floral and bird folk-style tattoos. They enhance the awkward youthful beauty of her subjects rather than mar it with boring 'can't you see I'm rebelling' tattoos of '50s pin-ups and skulls. Love that the designs also acknowledge that modern masculinity is a fluid concept and doesn't have to equate to naked lady on bicep.

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