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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Once a dapper man...

There have recently been some moments where I have genuinely wished I was a guy, one of those moments is when I see ads for anti-ageing products (right now, it's Andie Macdowell talking about 'deep-set wrinkles' which will disappear with the use of Revitalift - you can't reverse time people, cleanse, tone, moisturise and accept the inevitable), and the other is when I see men's clothes that I really love. Umit Benan's designs most certainly fit into this second category, apart from the fact that the model - his father, I think - oozes effortless cool, the clothes are so perfect because they combine wonderful sharp tailoring with worn-in style; it looks like you could buy a piece, throw it on and make it look like you've owned it for years (comfortable, not rumpled)...wait, have I finally discovered what smart casual means?

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