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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Hot Shot

I think I started believing in global warming today, I can't stop thinking about water even when I'm drinking it.
My solution so far: to sit down semi-naked in front of an electric fan on full blast.
Proposed, infinately more practical and aesthetic solution:

Revolver Fan, Commune de Paris

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Once a dapper man...

There have recently been some moments where I have genuinely wished I was a guy, one of those moments is when I see ads for anti-ageing products (right now, it's Andie Macdowell talking about 'deep-set wrinkles' which will disappear with the use of Revitalift - you can't reverse time people, cleanse, tone, moisturise and accept the inevitable), and the other is when I see men's clothes that I really love. Umit Benan's designs most certainly fit into this second category, apart from the fact that the model - his father, I think - oozes effortless cool, the clothes are so perfect because they combine wonderful sharp tailoring with worn-in style; it looks like you could buy a piece, throw it on and make it look like you've owned it for years (comfortable, not rumpled)...wait, have I finally discovered what smart casual means?

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Hello strangers.

Ahhhh! There's no place like a virtual home, and how I have missed my tiny place in the blogsphere.
Two months, zero absence notes and a bit of a revamp later, I'm still hoping that someone out there still pops back occasionally to look for updates!
I have officially finished the formal education part of my life though, so I can almost definitely assure you I won't be running off for such long periods of time in the future (promises, promises)...

PS. What do think of the new blog format? I'm the worst at coding so if something looks strange on your screen, let me know.