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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Jukebox session #1...

Long overdue music post with bit of everything, genres are roughly correct but you can listen to everything first anyway...

Vidulgi OoyoO - Elephant and I Might Be You
(Shoegaze - They have an Asobi Seksu vibe, though decidedly more morose and dreamy)

Chaz Knapp - Le Chien Mort
(Piano - fans of Yann Tiersan might enjoy his work)

Telefon Tel Aviv - Your Mouth
(Electronic - One half of this duo passed away in January so I'm not sure if the surviving member will continue on with Telefon, but the album Immolate Yourself is really worth listening to if you're an electronic fan)

Helios - Isoline and Mint Julep - Every Word
(Electronic ambient / ambient rock - Keith Kennif is behind both endeavours so they go together)

The Joy Formidable - The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade
(Electronic rock - I love this song at the moment)

Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics - Esketa Dance
(Ethiopian jazz - I actually blogged about Mulatu A back in 2007 (the tracks are still up), and I'm still in love with how mellow but listenable this stuff is, normally instrumental music makes me incredibly sleepy but despite the frequent repetition of this music, I'm still able to get on with my work whilst listening)

Frightened Rabbit - The Modern Leper and Fast Blood
(Indie rock - One of my top albums of 2008 was Frightened Rabbit's Midnight Organ Fight, it's so great from start and finish, and such a nice diversion from the droopy music I'm used to hearing from the Scottish lot)

Jenn Grant - Parachutes
(Let's say, alternative with retro stylings - a really low-key, understated singer with a voice that is such a nice break from the dull dull dull Adele, Kate Nash, Lily Allen, Amy Wino school of singers)

Mason Proper - Fog and Point A to Point B
(Alt. Rock - Why are these guys so underrated?? Another of my favourite albums from last year. Solid all the way through with some songs that make me nod and bop around a bit (you couldn't call it dancing, the point is that it's underheard for me to make any facial expression in public areas - I am excellent at looking blank) on the bus, and some which make me full-on flail when back in my flat)

The Middle East - Tsietsi
(Alternative - I know it's 13 minutes long but it's gorgeous and those 13 minutes are over before you know it)

Mojib - Underneath
(Electronic remixed - the whole album Whimsical Lifestyle is lovely, I ordinarily hate sampling (exception: Girl Talk) but I love his work, it's really well put together)

Neko Case - I'm An Animal and This Tornado Loves You
(From the upcoming album Middle Cyclone, which won't disappoint fans - this means you Lauren - Neko Case delivers again)

Fanfarlo - Comets
(Alternative indie/folk - If this song doesn't lift your spirits (even a bit), then you're probably dead inside)

Sidenote: I finally got around to watching the last Fraiser episode, and I cried - this probably isn't recommending the last song to you because you now think I'm an over-emotional wreck, which isn't true. I was really mourning the end of great sitcoms.
I won't be doing any Fashion Month posts because I'm reviewing a few collections on 212 Dressing Room's blog instead, so if you're interested head on over there (if you're feeling deprived of Riz from Mode Et Utopie's posts, she's one of the primary reviewers and her work is as interesting and engaging as ever!)