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Friday, January 23, 2009
Oscars Past...

Well the Oscar nomination lists came out and as always, they were pretty predictable (though no less deserved...sort of) as I see Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Winslet (can someone please give this woman an Oscar? I don't care if it's chocolate on the inside, just give her something, she deserves it. If Anne Hathaway wins - it's unlikey - then I'm gonna be pissed. How Gwenyth Paltrow has won one before Winslet I'll never know, but if Hathaway wins then Louis Lumiere is going to be wishing he never put the 'motion' into 'motion picture'). I'm not saying that they don't deserve their nominations (hah, I totally just did) but it's embarrassing that it essentially means that the levels of mediocrity in Hollywood are high as hell where actors/actresses are concerned.

So, with that in mind, the rest of the post is dedicated to the past winners from way back when the Oscars actually meant something, and the stars who won sparkled.

Norma Shearer - Best Actress in 1931 for "The Divorcee"

Louis B. Mayer and Helen Hayes - Best Actress in 1932 for "The Sins of Medlon Claudet"

Shirley Temple and Claudette Colbert - Best Actress in 1935 for "It Happened One Night"

Bette Davis - Best Actress in 1938 for "Jezebel" and Fay Bainter - Best Supporting Actress also in "Jezebel"

Vivien Leigh - Best Actress in 1939 for "Gone with the Wind"

James Stewart - Best Actor in 1941 for "The Philadelphia Story" and Ginger Rogers - Best Actress in "Kitty Foyle"

Ingrid Bergman and Jennifer Jones - Best Actress in 1944 for "The Song of Bernadette"

Bing Crosby - Best Actor in 1945 for "Going My Way" and Barry Fitzgerald also in "Going My Way"

Ingrid Bergman - Best Actress in 1945 for "Gaslight"

Olivia de Havilland - Best Actress in 1947 for "To Each His Own" and Ray Milland

James Baskett - Honorary Oscar in 1948, presented by Ingrid Bergman

Jane Wyman - Best Actress in 1949 for "Johnny Belinda"

Olivia de Havilland - Best Actress in 1950 for "The Heiress" and James Stewart
(The Heiress' leading man is the now underrated Montogomery Clift - James Dean meets Marlon Brando (though Clift started his career prior to Brando's, he had a car crash in the late-50s which scarred him for life, and it all went downhill until his death in the 60s). So now you have two reasons to watch this film.

Humphrey Bogart - Best Actor in 1952 for "The African Queen" and Claire Trevor

Audrey Hepburn - Best Actress in 1954 for "Roman Holiday"

Donna Reed - Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 1954 for "From Here To Eternity" and Esther Williams

Edith Head - Best Costume Design in 1954 for "Roman Holiday" and a model in the dress worn by Audrey Hepburn

Frank Sinatra - Best Actor in 1954 for "From Here To Eternity" and Donna Reed- Best Supporting Actress (as above)

Marlon Brando - Best Actor in 1955 for "On the Waterfront" and Bob Hope

Grace Kelly - Best Actress in 1955 for "The Country Girl"

Jack Lemmon - Best Supporting Actor in 1956 for "Mister Roberts" and Burt Lancaster

Jo Van Fleet - Best Supporting Actress in 1956 for "East of Eden"

Yul Byrnner - Best Actor in 1957 for "The King and I"

Elizabeth Taylor - Best Actress in 1960 for "BUtterfield 8"
(based on a John O'Hara novel of the same name which is really worth reading)

Gregory Peck - Best Actor in 1963 for "To Kill A Mockingbird", Sophia Loren, Joan Crawford accepting the Best Actress award which went to Anne Bancroft for "The Miracle Worker, and Fernando Lamas

Sidney Poitier - Best Actor in 1964 for "Lilies of the Field"

Julie Andrews - Best Actress in 1965 for "Mary Poppins" and Audrey Hepburn

Julie Christie - Best Actress in 1966 for "Darling" and Lee Marvin - Best Actor for "Cat Ballou"

Liza Minnelli - Best Actress in 1972 for "Cabaret"

Meryl Streep - Best Actress in 1982 for "Sophie's Choice"

It seems apt to end with Meryl Streep as she's currently the actor who has garnered most nominations in Oscar history, and is still going strong.

Photos: Jamd, Life and Topfoto

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