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Sunday, March 30, 2008
What the...

Naomi Watts, I understand that you were a huge fan of Michael Hanake's Funny Games, which is why you starred in and produced the US remake, but why are you starring in the remake of The Birds? Why is there even going to be a remake of The Birds? Who the hell thinks they can do a better job than Alfred Hitchcock?! I saw the 90's version of Psycho and it was bullshit. I also saw Disturbia, and guess what? Watching Shia LaBeouf trying to bore me to death for an hour and a half, by acting like a goofball / 'rebel' is not exactly on par with James Stewart in Rear Window.

The Birds is a CLASSIC film. A classic! And classics are timeless - which means you don't have to remake them. Hell, why not remake Rosemary's Baby or The Shining? I for one, would like to see a newer, mediocre version with some famous actor just stuck in there to appeal to a new audience and demographic. How about Tom Cruise replacing Jack Nicholson, and Keira Knightly instead of Mia Farrow? You guys might be laughing but somewhere, there's a studio producer going "That's not a bad idea, except maybe we could replace Tom with Christian Bale, he has more edge."

You know what else I've decided? That the Eiffel Tower having a 'makeover' is a ridiculous, they should leave it the hell alone!

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Friday, March 28, 2008
Changing Faces....

No, you're not looking at some bizarre combination of the Seattle Space Needle and the Eiffel Tower, neither have aliens landed on top of one of the world's most famous landmarks; this is actually how the Eiffel Tower is going to look after Serero's observation deck is mounted on the top floor to mark the Tower's 120th Anniversary. I'll say it now that it's only a temporary installation, so no outcries about how the Tower is being defaced please (unless that is your opinion about the temporary deck too). I'm not quite sure how I feel about this really - it's not really as aesthetically pleasing with the observation deck, and I think pictures from the top will definitely be less dramatic with the metal 'netting' in the way...it's not in keeping with the Eiffel Tower's clean lines either but I think I'll reserve judgement until its actually finished.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008
The Easter Pig...

I'm sorry about the lack of updating and reading of new posts, but I'm back home for Easter which means that I'm lounging around in sloppy jeans, baking chocolate chip cookies (eating them all on the same day) and watching *cough* One Fine Day (what is it about George Clooney?) and Working Girl. I might be having a good time, but I'm not yet sure. I hope you guys are having a peachy Easter bank holiday OD-ing on chocolate eggs!
George says hola.



Sunday, March 16, 2008
Like a moth drawn to a flame...

"Suppose you shoot a whole movie in a single frame?"

The answer: "You get a shining screen."

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto's "Theaters" series began with interior photographs of 1920's and '30s picture palaces - taken in the 1970s - and progressed to pictures of modern cinemas and drive-ins. He would set-up his camera in the balcony - normally during the afternoon showing when the theaters were mostly empty - and kept the shutters open for the film's entire screening. The photograph's light source is the film itself and the result is a glowing rectangle in the centre of a yawning space - an entire film is compressed into one image. Sugimoto also said that though all films emerge as white, the degree of whiteness varied according to the type of film: optimistic movies end up brighter than grim, downbeat ones.
You can't help but be captivated. The central position of the static, luminous screen draws you in; it is hypnotising. It leaves you feeling as if you're suspended in a moment of timelessness, and it's completely unsettling.You're later left wondering why you have bypassed the ornate, empty beauty of the theatres and the vastness of the open skies to look at a white rectangle of pure light. These blank screens are anything but blank though, they are filled with images of motion and time.
(The originals are 4x5 feet so I can only imagine the effect they have in full size).

If you're interested in seeing more, I especially recommend "Seascapes".

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Friday, March 14, 2008
The Animal Collective...

I don't like animals. Any of them. I had some yellow goldfish about 2 years ago, and one of them committed suicide by throwing itself out of the goldfish bowl. I scare animals and they scare me (this includes children between the ages of 0 and 9).
However, I'm learning to embrace the beauty of all God's creatures via French design company iBride (a play on the word 'hybrid'). iBride designs are the result of a collaborative effort from 3 members of a family in the south of France, and the name is perfect because their collections are a meeting point of function and art, combining a modern aesthetic and nostalgic, romantic imagery. It's a plus that the trays are also made from recycled materials so you won't feel guilty about buying one (or more than one!), and they're multifunctional - wall art or serving tray? You decide.

The collection of animal furniture turns boring stores into menageries full of whimsical, unsmelly and useful creatures, and I can imagine that they'd have a real presence in homes they're in as quite surreal centerpieces.

And the trays are beautiful intricate affairs, covered with vividly-coloured images of curious squirrels and deer, as well as beautiful black and white photographs of women layered with floral sprays and dreamy romanticism. They're enough to turn the most domestically disabled person into a host/hostess (even if friends and acquaintances are gathered with the sole intention of showing off). The trays with the images of women from different cultures are supposed to be visual archetypes which are supposed to evoke the idea of ancestory; the way people used to hang portraits of older generations on the walls, which I think is quite an interesting idea.

Et finir, la musique avec un thème animal (though I'm not quite sure this is right, my french is a bit random):
Hounds of Love - The Futureheads
Spiders - Say Hi
Wild Horses - Mazzy Star
Kitty in the Middle - The Presets
Blizzard Ape - Eulogies
She's the One - Caribou
The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen
Balloons - Foals

I've now spent another day avoiding my work which I think makes this a record 3 weeks of procrastination. If anyone's beat me on this front, please let me know so I can feel like I'm not a complete failure.

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Friday, March 07, 2008
I'm in love with...

Annie Mac for rolling out the tunes that she does.

Justice vs. Soulwax?
Disco Sirens on repeat because I'm addicted.

Annie Mac's Radio Edit - Justice vs. Soulwax - Disco Sirens

Midfield General - Disco Sirens

Sidenote: Blogger now working on IE7 and Mozilla - Computer? Stop pissing me about, yes?



Sunday, March 02, 2008

I bloody knew I shouldn't have finally given in and upgraded to Internet Explorer 7, but the sodding university just couldn't let it be. Now blogspot is acting like an arse, and won't let me post anything unless it's in html, and what the bloody hell do I know about coding? I can't even do Sudoku without having a mental breakdown for Christ's sake!
Blogging will resume when technology stops being so idiotic, or I'm moving to typepad - so stick that in your server and smoke it! Tossers.

EDIT: Thanks to Blue Floppy Hat (my techno-hero), the problem has been solved...I'm sorry for the empty threats blogspot...really.