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Thursday, November 27, 2008
When it's cold, wrap up...

I'm getting better thanks to lots of Vitamin C, tea and sympathy. No thanks however, to one of my new flatmates (2nd year law student who doesn't seem to do any work), who brought her bass guitar and massive amp to uni with her, and likes to practice at unearthly hours AM and PM - she is the favourite subject of my rants recently. Well, her and the people at uni who dress like it's still 30 degrees outside. There's nothing I hate more than inappropriate seasonal clothing, it drives me crazy when girls stand around shivering in clothes that bare more than they cover, and boys in thin t-shirts and saggy jeans who shuffle around as they try to keep warm. So here's my retort to the craziness that's spreading like Fresher's Flu...(I've just discovered Polyvore. So much time wasted.)

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