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Sunday, August 03, 2008
A different breed indeed...

I've never really understood the appeal of dogs, (cats or children actually), but when I first saw the A/W '08 collection by Mongrels in Common I realised I might need to reconsider this hasty dislike of the canine kingdom. Designed by Livia Ximenez-Carrillo and Christine Pluess in Berlin-Mitte, the label has created a brilliantly distinctive style. The duo have designed two stellar collections for a male and female clientele by combining masculine and feminine aesthetics, with classic pleating techniques and unusual colour palettes. It's candy-coloured androgyny at it's very best. I'm especially in love with the incredible pink cape from the women's collection and the casual black shirt, baggy grey trousers outfit from the men's side...actually just about every look from the men's collection, even the pink and cream bellboy number. First time for everything.

PS. Sorry about the lack of posting recently but between researching/planning my dissertation (I've been home for two months already and am very underwhelmed by my so-called progress), working, and leading a normal social life, I've been a bit crap at updating on a regular basis. Also, I'm incredibly lazy during the summer (is anyone else just dying for winter to get here?)

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