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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Happy Days...

I'll tell you no lies, on days that I have bigger plans than vacuuming, watching Diagnosis Murder and half-heartedly bidding on Ebay for a pair of vintage Lanvins, I spend at least half-an-hour sitting on my bed after my morning shower, just blankly staring at my wardrobe. And I mean, blankly.

If I had the funds, I might just buy a week's worth of clothing from
Sretsis' latest collection 'MontoSun' - designed by Thai designer Pim Sukhahuta. A graduate of Parsons, Sukhahuta started her label 3 years ago with a desire to make clothes with nostalgic, whimsical styling, and each of her collections has been gorgeously designed with an interesting concept behind it. Her latest collection MontoSun (Monday-Sunday) is inspired by an old Thai tradition according to which it is "good luck to dress in the designated colour of each of the week. While Mon-Sun isn't so strictly color-coded, the collection takes a playful approach to outfitting for any occasion - whatever the week may bring. In the spirit of effortless perfection in dressing, the collection is comprised of pieces that are wearable as they are versatile. Mix-and-matchable pieces and details like reversibility enable the kind of surprising pairings that make the collection truly 'Mon-Sun'."

Take a look at her past collections too, while she's not edgy or avant-garde, sometimes it's boring when that's all you see on the catwalks, and Pim Sukhahuta's designs have developed over each collection in terms of materials and colour that it's hard not to find them completely adorable - sorta Karen Walker-ish. She has mixed the perfect amount of nostalgia, life through rose-tinted glasses and modern styling to produce a collection that I'd be happy to wear from Monday to Sunday, and that's saying something because she's made the equivalent of what I see as floral mummypants (a la Bridget Jones). Also, how much do you love the shoes in aquamarine?...Or is it turquoise? Anyway, Dulux calls it Grecian Spa.

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