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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
These shoes are made for walking....

I've never made any qulams about the fact that I am extremely aesthetic-concious, from my wardrobe to another person's. In social settings I'm usually more content with making style contact rather than eye contact, if you're male, cheesy lines will get you an exasperated funny face, but if you can talk to me about Raf Simons for more than 15 minutes, I'm yours. If they're wearing good shoes, all the better. I like sneaks as much as the next girl, but there's something about seeing a guy wear their Nike Dunks with everything which drives me crazy. And winklepickers have the same effect on me.
If this sounds like you, or even your boyfriend, do yourself/them a favour and point them in the direction of Marsu Homme. An Australian company found by Chrissy Hammond and Amy Low, Marsu is everything you could ever want from a men's footwear line - the shoes are stunning; they've paid attention to detail and every shoe is hand-finished in Italy using the best kangaroo leather. They prove that men's shoes don't have to be hipsterish and almost juvenile to be cool, in fact, growing up is pretty awesome. I'm crazy about the brick red lace-ups which they have aptly named Alfred (in Louvre Red Fox) and the tie-dyed Benja slip-ons, which sound a bit out there but they're beautiful.

Missed music day on Monday (my schedule has evidently gone to shit as I've got into summer mode, so erratic posting is resumed):

Sugar Water - Cibo Matto

Oceanwalk - Astronautalis
Hands Around My Throat - Death in Vegas
Time To Pretend - MGMT
Speak To Me Bones - Land of Talk

EDIT: I'm watching crazy amounts of Jeeves and Wooster now that I've finished studying, and it's scaring me that I think the moustached Hugh Laurie is charming...Stephen Fry was dressed as a woman in today's episode. I love summer.

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