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Sunday, June 22, 2008
Proper sunglasses are cool, and you know it...

Dear Kanye West,
Please stop wearing your shutter shades asap. I'm officially sick of seeing people out and about wearing them as if they are real sunglasses, when they are not. I can just about bear seeing them on people's facebook profile pictures, but I am no longer able to have a conversation in real life with anyone wearing them. Because I don't understand them. I am vaguely amused by the glasses with fake eyes printed on them, or the glasses disguises which are attached to big noses and a 'tache, but shutter shades = me losing it big time. Stop wearing them. You look like a knob.
Love and abuse,
Meg / The Apathist
PS. I <3 Pharrell Williams
PPS. Here's a link for COLAB

No really, Colab really do make sunglasses which would make a hipster in Brooklyn start weeping because he has been outcooled. Born in Australia, Colab is a range designed by five different designers, who design their own range within Colab without any restraints. All they have to do is produce sunglasses which reflect their own design aesthetic and are wearable. Because it's a genius idea, they got some great international designers on board, and the results are pretty damn awesome (all the designs that look like they're on the lenses are stickers which can be removed):

Perks and Mini
These glasses are actually a luminous pink, but they've been sprayed over with a matt-black laquer, which is designed to gradually wear away and scratch off to reveal the pink underneath


Geoff McFetridge


Neasden Control Centre

Go to the website to have a proper look at the secret details hidden in some of the glasses, they're excellent.