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Friday, June 13, 2008
Basquing in the sun...

I hate summer...Hate's probably too strong a word actually. It's actually the British summer I hate, where you can start a day with torrential rain and progress to weather that makes you regret the fact that you wore tights, a jacket and a cardigan. Or it can go in reverse, you might frolic outside in a cotton skirt, vest and sandals at 12.00pm, but by 3.40pm you'll be standing under a bus shelter soaked to bone because it's pouring, and some tosser purposely drove into a large puddle so you'd get splashed on the pavement.
New all seasons skirt...

My parka and white lace-up plimsolls! For when it's raining like mad and I can't bear to get my shoes and blazer wet. It's a bit more Dries S/S '07 though, I think.

Hmm, must try and keep hand still in future.

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