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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, with cloud slowly drifting in from the West...

Cause for celebration, or at least colour splash...Also, I'm hoping that as I post this, I'm excused from posting a bit longer. Call it a pseudo-post if you will, a bite-sized post masquerading as a real mouthful of a post.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

"...what I feel we ought to do at this juncture is to dash off somewhere where it's quiet and there aren't so many houses dancing the 'Blue Danube' and shove some tea into ourselves. And over the pot and muffins I shall have something very important to say to you."
P.G. Wodehouse, The Amazing Hat Mystery

Tea Lights by Domestic Construction

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Proper sunglasses are cool, and you know it...

Dear Kanye West,
Please stop wearing your shutter shades asap. I'm officially sick of seeing people out and about wearing them as if they are real sunglasses, when they are not. I can just about bear seeing them on people's facebook profile pictures, but I am no longer able to have a conversation in real life with anyone wearing them. Because I don't understand them. I am vaguely amused by the glasses with fake eyes printed on them, or the glasses disguises which are attached to big noses and a 'tache, but shutter shades = me losing it big time. Stop wearing them. You look like a knob.
Love and abuse,
Meg / The Apathist
PS. I <3 Pharrell Williams
PPS. Here's a link for COLAB

No really, Colab really do make sunglasses which would make a hipster in Brooklyn start weeping because he has been outcooled. Born in Australia, Colab is a range designed by five different designers, who design their own range within Colab without any restraints. All they have to do is produce sunglasses which reflect their own design aesthetic and are wearable. Because it's a genius idea, they got some great international designers on board, and the results are pretty damn awesome (all the designs that look like they're on the lenses are stickers which can be removed):

Perks and Mini
These glasses are actually a luminous pink, but they've been sprayed over with a matt-black laquer, which is designed to gradually wear away and scratch off to reveal the pink underneath


Geoff McFetridge


Neasden Control Centre

Go to the website to have a proper look at the secret details hidden in some of the glasses, they're excellent.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Down the rabbit-hole...

A friend of mine is having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party on Friday, so it's actually quite apt that in the spirit of the fantastic, I'm doing a post about Brandi Milne's latest collection ("Wonderland") today. (While you might feel like you're getting used to the borderline weird gushing about artists, designers and musicians on my blog, the truth is, I feel like I'm reaching new levels of crazy with every post).

Milne's collection "Wonderland" is not exclusively devoted to Alice in Wonderland, but rather all feelings and objects associated with childhood, from familiar characters like Pinocchio, to food (yes, it's Popsicles and cupcakes galore in Milne's paintings). With bold graphic outlines and brightly dark colours, her paintings could easily be illustrations from a whimsical, slightly macabre children's book. Tall, languid girls in aprons and ruffs hold howling Popsicles and sleeping strawberries in a carnivalesque garden. It reminds me a little bit of Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree, where the magical and strange was made possible in a very ordinary world. Refreshingly unpretentious and unconstrained by rules about style, as a viewer, you're encouraged to let your imagination run riot in Brandi Milne's gorgeously framed Wonderland.

If you live in Santa Monica, you're in luck because she's showcasing at the CoproNason Gallery until June 28th


Young Foolery (Someone Always Gets Hurt)
This is actually my favourite, who didn't have one of these moments when they were a littl'un?

The Tin Man Pinata Came to Life One Day

Bird Batch for Two

My Strawberry Heart

Naughty Boy

To growing young, running riot and being in bed by 11pm:
Teenage Kicks- Nouvelle Vague
Carnival Kids - The Futureheads
Ageing Spinsters - 6ths
Apparently Stephen Merritt can see what my future holds...
Kids - MGMT
Distopian Dream Girl - Built to Spill
Boy From School - Hot Chip
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Russian Red

Teenage Kicks - The Undertones

zipped (for Carissa and anyone else who can't use box.net!)

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Friday, June 13, 2008
Basquing in the sun...

I hate summer...Hate's probably too strong a word actually. It's actually the British summer I hate, where you can start a day with torrential rain and progress to weather that makes you regret the fact that you wore tights, a jacket and a cardigan. Or it can go in reverse, you might frolic outside in a cotton skirt, vest and sandals at 12.00pm, but by 3.40pm you'll be standing under a bus shelter soaked to bone because it's pouring, and some tosser purposely drove into a large puddle so you'd get splashed on the pavement.
New all seasons skirt...

My parka and white lace-up plimsolls! For when it's raining like mad and I can't bear to get my shoes and blazer wet. It's a bit more Dries S/S '07 though, I think.

Hmm, must try and keep hand still in future.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
These shoes are made for walking....

I've never made any qulams about the fact that I am extremely aesthetic-concious, from my wardrobe to another person's. In social settings I'm usually more content with making style contact rather than eye contact, if you're male, cheesy lines will get you an exasperated funny face, but if you can talk to me about Raf Simons for more than 15 minutes, I'm yours. If they're wearing good shoes, all the better. I like sneaks as much as the next girl, but there's something about seeing a guy wear their Nike Dunks with everything which drives me crazy. And winklepickers have the same effect on me.
If this sounds like you, or even your boyfriend, do yourself/them a favour and point them in the direction of Marsu Homme. An Australian company found by Chrissy Hammond and Amy Low, Marsu is everything you could ever want from a men's footwear line - the shoes are stunning; they've paid attention to detail and every shoe is hand-finished in Italy using the best kangaroo leather. They prove that men's shoes don't have to be hipsterish and almost juvenile to be cool, in fact, growing up is pretty awesome. I'm crazy about the brick red lace-ups which they have aptly named Alfred (in Louvre Red Fox) and the tie-dyed Benja slip-ons, which sound a bit out there but they're beautiful.

Missed music day on Monday (my schedule has evidently gone to shit as I've got into summer mode, so erratic posting is resumed):

Sugar Water - Cibo Matto

Oceanwalk - Astronautalis
Hands Around My Throat - Death in Vegas
Time To Pretend - MGMT
Speak To Me Bones - Land of Talk

EDIT: I'm watching crazy amounts of Jeeves and Wooster now that I've finished studying, and it's scaring me that I think the moustached Hugh Laurie is charming...Stephen Fry was dressed as a woman in today's episode. I love summer.

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Monday, June 02, 2008
Au revoir monsieur...

I'm sure most of the fashion blogsphere have heard about the passing of one of fashion's most prolific and influential designers, Yves Saint Laurent. Regarded (by me at least) as the last designer from the Golden Era of fashion, it's truly a sad day for the industry. If you haven't seen it already, I can't think of a better time to watch David Teboul's 'Yves Saint Laurent: Le Temps Retrouve', a wonderful documentary which gives a insight into the life of one of the most reclusive and brilliant designers who lived.
"Dressing is a way of life."
Yves Saint Laurent