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Monday, May 19, 2008
What big eyes you have...

For those of you who thought that snowglobes were all about pretty scenery, snowmen, glitter or the Eiffel Tower, prepare to stand corrected. Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz create deliciously dark miniature scenarios which will probably dissuade the most annoyingly precocious child from trying to shake them up. If you liked Fargo, you will probably enjoy the fantastical imagery of the duo, who capture the all too realistic emotions of fear, alienation and futility in a medium which is normally associated with very different feelings; nostalgia, love etc. The ordinarily magical winter landscape becomes a desolate, bleak space where it seems Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz are making really quite relevant comments about contemporary life and human nature, and I'll tell you now that "The Nursery" scares the bejesus out of me.

Between Too Much and Me

'Islands' series

Winter Walk

Experiment with Red No. 720

The Nursery

'Travelers' series

Traveler 53 at Night

Traveler 63

Traveler 156 at Night

Traveler 132 at Night

Cold Front

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