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Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm not doing a rundown of this year's Met Ball. You've seen the pictures, and let's face it, it was a shambolic affair. The only one who seemed to have made a real effort was Christina Ricci, who looked incredible, while Katie Holmes actually made me retreat to a corner of my bedroom to weep for half-an-hour. She took the superhero theme a little too literally in a red leather dress and bright blue patent shoes. And if ever there was anymore proof that they should wrestle Ms.Wintour's crown from her...

I actually thought the "Superheroes: Fashion or Fantasy" exhibition was a lot more interesting and worthy of attention. The exhibition is based around the idea of superheroes as classic examples of how fashion and clothing has the ability to transcend the idea of fixed identities and bodies, and instead transform them into empowered, fantasy figures.

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