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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Sunstroke mentality...

I don't know whether the gorgeous weather has made me go a bit mentally squiffy, but I am having the weirdest style moments.
I've been looking at this one-piece (!) bodysuit by Gorman and thinking, "You know what? I actually sort of like it better than their other clothes." Their other clothes incidentally, are also really nice.

And in other clothes news I never thought I'd type, I'm jonesing for a pair of harem pants. Yeah.
While Elfenkleid's SS collection confirmed that I do actually quite like harem pants, I've actually started thinking about buying a pair, and wearing them. The blue and black ones below are from UO, but there's a grey silk pair at Topshop which I am also lusting after...maybe if I buy them in 3 colours I'll get over this strange phase?

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