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Sunday, May 04, 2008
Only 6 Quirks...?

I've been tagged by Romeika at A Room of One's Own to do the 6 Quirks list, which requires me to write about 6 unspectacular quirks of mine (the title IS pretty self-explanatory).

1. I like to fall asleep listening to something, it doesn't matter whether it's music or something else. Lately, I've been listening to Stephen Fry's podgrams. Stephen Fry = Genius

2. I like peeling things; fruit, wallpaper, sellotape, stickers, nail varnish if you're really careful....

3. I can't dance. My body and my mind just can't synchronise, so I flail. Literally.

4. The thought of being pregnant repulses me because it reminds me of Alien.

5. I suffer from Visual Food Desire (this is not a real syndrome), where I see food and instantly want it. For example, when I watched Lucky Number Slevin, all they ate was PB & J sandwiches, so I wanted (and had) PB & J sandwiches. Or when my flatmate is eating chicken soup, I'll want chicken soup even if a few minutes beforehand I wanted lasagne because that's what I saw my other flatmate having. So I try and keep different eating hours to them in order to be happy with what I am eating.

6. I hate having my picture taken, so when other people try to take my picture, I either make a ridiculous fake face so they'll trash the picture, hide my face with anything around (see profile picture) or look down/away. No-one ever looks like their picture anyway.

And if you haven't done this, then consider yourself tagged (I'm not very good at re-tagging am I? Must try harder in the future.)