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Thursday, May 01, 2008
I take thee, Elfenkleid...

No, I'm not announcing any upcoming nuptials between me and any one of my numerous loves (tea, chunky heels, sushi etc), it seemed an apt title considering the contents of this post, which I fear is going to leave the impression that I am a romantic (I am a bit, but I am a cynical romantic). It's all Elfenkleid's fault anyway, which by-the-by, is not the name of a Tolkien character as one of my friends thought, but the name of the Viennese label designed by Annette Prechtl and Sandra Thaler. I fell head over heels for these guys back in autumn '06 when I was a fresh-faced (read: grubby) kid off to my first year at uni. I initially thought it would be the fickle sort of affection which I am most prone to, however, after spring '07, I knew it was bigger than that. This was Love with a capital 'L'.

Elfenkleid really is my clothing soulmate though; really clean, unfussy designs with immaculately thought-out construction, use of materials and colour palettes.

Autumn-Winter 07/08

Spring-Summer 08

They also recently launched a wedding collection (perfect timing considering we're approaching wedding season) which you should really consider if you're getting married. OR if like me, you're averse to the idea of marriage, then you could wear one around Britain's numerous National Trust estates, and pretend you're in a period drama - I'd give my left arm for a day in the gunmetal dress or the dress with the white blazer (fictional location: Pemberley - home of Darcy....hmmm, think Jane Austen would have approved of the women's blazer).

And I'll confess now that while I've been typing up this post, I've actually been listening to two of my cheesy, secret 'guilty pleasure' songs (the kind you have on your ipod and listen to all the time but pretend you don't):
Aubrey - Bread
She - Elvis Costello
...I know. Don't judge me, I'm only human guys, and I like pretending I'm in an early 90's Richard Curtis movie sometimes.

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