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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Hi. Bye.

Just a quick note to let you know I won't posting until June as I have a major exam on Wednesday, and then I'm busy moving out to go home for the summer. More regular posting will resume after that, also Sex and the City is out on Wednesday, which I will be interested in seeing even though Carrie annoys the shit out of me.

I know the teacup feature is on Thursday, but you know what? I drink tea on Sundays too. Shocking, I know.
This week's is by Ree Jin Lee, an illustrator and ceramics designer who has created this rather minimal tea-cup and saucer which I love (gosh, I bandy the word 'love' around so freely on my blog, it feels like the 60s and the word has lost all meaning, maybe I'll try some substitutes when I return).

Also, a song. Cover of the song "How Deep is Your Love" by The Bird & The Bee, which I prefer to the original. And not just because the original was sung by The Bee Gees, who also gave us the disco-dancefloor, mood-killer that was "Stayin' Alive" (I checked, they definately used the apostrophe instead of a 'g'. Way to be cool guys). On that note of sarcasm, "I'm outtie" (Tai, Clueless, 1995....I'm a veritable hotbed of pop culture references today!) because my Consumer Culture and Advertising revision/procrastination isn't going to do itself.

Love and abuse,

EDIT: I just saw the guy who lives across from me naked, don't people have any good-old fashioned inhibitions anymore?

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