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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Terrible thing, Envy...

I'm a huge fan of street-style blogs because they're a brilliant alternative to buying a magazine from every individual country in order to see their style. While The Sartorialist has always been one I have frequented, I sometimes feel that the style is contrived - today, there was a picture of a girl who dressed for an 80's look, but the amount of styling (the Katherine Hamnett-style tee, the zebra leggings, the bow in her hair etc) made it feel inauthentic, and like she was trying to make as many meaningless references as she could. Some people will like it, some people won't, but that's just my two cents. (I do still think that the Sart takes some brilliant pictures that I love, I'm not saying I dislike every picture he posts, that's not true at all.)
Lately though, I've been falling under the spell of the gorgeous lovelies featured on illustrator Garance Doré's website. She always finds these ethereal women (including everyone's girl crush Louise) wandering around the streets of Paris, who make me green because they have such brilliant styling ability, and I know it's not because their clothes cost heaps and are ultra fashionable, it's the way they wear their clothes and not the other way around - I think I'd actually rather be as well dressed as opposed to as beautiful as these women...both would be nice though, wouldn't it?

Garance is also a brilliant illustrator, who's little cartoons often make me chuckle because of her witty observations...Hmm, did I really just say 'chuckle'?

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