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Thursday, April 24, 2008
Gold Rush...

After the success of the Chanel limited edition nail "enamel" (Chanel's words, not mine) in Vamp and Black Satin, Chanel's have announced that their fall season colour will be 'Gold Fiction', which is described by Christine Dagousset as “a soft honey gold, not a sparkling bright gold. It’s very wearable and very modern.” It's going to retail at $30, but if Gold Satin goes the same way that the Vamp and Black satin colours went, I'm guessing that come autumn, you'll see them on eBay for around $100 a bottle, which - if you hadn't though so already - is absurd.
I also happen to think that if it looks like orange, it's orange, and this is orange. This means I'm not quite sure just how wearable this is; anyone with brown skin knows the hazards of wearing orange (and yellow). If anyone buys this colour, please do send me some pictures so I can either eat my words, or feel smug in my being right.

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