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Sunday, April 20, 2008
Consumerism, Advertising and Other Slighty Dirty Words...

It was actually Headmistress who got me thinking about how much love I actually have for advertising. I'm not talking about the boring adverts for car insurance and face creams, but the ones designed for the likes of Sony, Kelloggs (you'll know when you see it!), Honda, and Guiness which have me hooked from the moment I set eyes on them. One side of me is aware of how these adverts are designed to make me feel as if I'm missing something from my life and that if I don't buy the product immediately, my life will be empty. The other side meanwhile, is really enjoying the advert and admiring the way it has been constructed in order to appeal to me.
Needless to say, the latter side often wins and I find myself thinking "Passive consumer? Me? Bollocks!...Hmmm. Could really do a bowl of Kelloggs Cornflakes though, I am really hungry and none of this other food is going to do the trick...Kelloggs is SPECIAL."

Nonetheless, some of my favourite ads in recent years:
(You can watch them all on the one player)

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