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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
One Hundred Posts of Nothing

I've been tagged by Salt and Schizophrenia to do the "8 things" list, and it felt like something I could post while my brain kicks into gear for a post you actually might care about =)

Eight things I am passionate about:

  1. Books - which are my first love in life. I’m not the sort of girl who likes missing her sleep, but I’ll stay awake all night to get to the last page. In the morning, I’ll pick up another book and start reading again.
  2. Music – I can listen to just about everything and appreciate something about it, but I have a real soft spot for grainy minimal vocals, electronic beats, cello music, and men with soulful voices
  3. Film
  4. Colour – actually just the colours grey, navy, black and red. These colours are pretty much all I wear. My male friends at uni sometimes think I’m wearing the same outfit all the time because of the colour palette I’ve adopted
  5. Food – I just love food, a lot. I particularly love Nutella, broccoli, sushi, Lebanese food, tiffin, tart food like lemon sorbet and my mum’s cooking (she makes the best aloo paratha ever – they’re like spicy potato pancakes and I can scarf down at least 7 in one sitting)
  6. Beautiful design – I love things with beautiful and innovative design because I think natural beauty is hard to upstage
  7. Writing by hand – this is the kid in me, but I just love to write by hand. I used to spend ages experimenting with different styles because I like seeing the way that my handwriting fills up blank pages. I also really like way A4 sheets become sort of ‘crispy’ when they’re covered on both side with biro
  8. Astronomy – this a relatively new thing as I only really got into it last year, but I think space is fascinating (who knew I actually like some aspects of science?)

Eight things to do before I die:

  1. Learn how to tweeze my eyebrows properly – at present, they are perpetually uneven and look like an eight-year-old has had a go at them
  2. Speak French like a native rather than French with a terrible Brit accent
  3. Learn how to play an instrument - I'd like the trumpet because I've always liked the idea of playing jazz when I'm old
  4. Own my home
  5. Live in another country – preferably somewhere in Italy or France, but I’m not picky because it’ll be an experience either way
  6. Find the perfect black blazer
  7. Learn how to be patient
  8. Stop talking to myself in public, mainly because I don’t do this subtly but in the way that a crazy person does

Eight things I say often:

  1. “Hah!” – usually either when I find something I lost, or when I disagree with something someone says
  2. “Dammit!”
  3. “Classic.”
  4. “It was almost too ridiculous/bizarre”
  5. “I’m ready” – when I’m the furthest thing from ready
  6. “Wait. What just happened?”
  7. “I have a question…” – followed by something really ridiculous
  8. “Would you rather sleep with…” – is usually brought up at the most inappropriate time, like in cafes when we’re sitting next to a family with kids, or old people

Eight books I have read of late/again:

  1. Life: A User’s Manual – Georges Perec
  2. The Blind Assassin – Margaret Atwood...again
  3. The Gum Thief – Douglas Coupland…again
  4. Brave New World – Aldous Huxley…again (I bought some new books yesterday, it's not that I can't be bothered to read new ones, I'm just in the right mood for certain books sometimes)
  5. Freakonomics – Steve Levitt and Jason Dubner
  6. The Beauty Myth – Naomi Wolf
  7. Introducing Postmodernism – Richard Appignanesi and Chris Garratt – which is brilliant. Postmodernism with comic-book stylings
  8. Gender and the Media – Rosalind Gill

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:

  1. The Killing Moon – Echo & the Bunnymen
  2. Casta Diva from Norma – Maria Callas / Bellini
  3. Breathe Me – Sia and Four Tet
  4. So Here We Are – Bloc Party (Generally anything from Silent Alarm, easily one of my top albums)
  5. Balkan Low Rider Anthem – Alaska in Winter
  6. Sweets – M.Craft
  7. Femme Fatale – The Velvet Underground & Nico
  8. Ask the Mountains - Vangelis

Eight things that attract me to my friends:

  1. We have a similar sense of humour which not many other people really get but they don’t mind cracking up while everyone else looks bemused
  2. They’re not prissy – which means that conversations can sometimes be hilariously dirty
  3. We have some similar and some different tastes in films, books, music. I can’t imagine being friends with people and having everything in common.
  4. Their honesty and ability to listen
  5. They like vegging out. They like going out.
  6. They send good texts/e-mails/facebook messages which do actually make me LOL
  7. They don’t mind my sometimes erratic behaviour
  8. We have the same view on sluttish washing-up by flatmates (this is actually more important than it seems)

Alright, If this the ‘8 things’ quiz, why are there only 6 questions?

If you haven't been tagged yet and you feel like filling this baby out, consider yourself tagged.

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