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Saturday, April 05, 2008
Art in Motion...

A few days ago, I had this recurring dream I have where I'm lying in my bed sleeping, and all of a sudden I'm covered in snakes and lizards which are crawling between the sheets, on my pillow, on the floor - just everywhere - and I wake up and bat them away, I'm brush them off my skin but when I do, my skin also gets brushed away and I'm covered in scales like a reptile (like in the old sci-fi series V). I always wake up brushing my skin, freak out and then fall asleep again right away, only to have the same dream the next month, without knowing why this particular dream is so important.

I guess it's why I'm so intrigued by Gregory Barsamian's work. Barsamian is a artist who makes kinetic sculptures that seem to depict the surreal, uninhibited nature of dreams and the unconscious. Barsamian investigated the 'environment' of dreams by recording his dreams on a tape-recorder; familiarising himself with the fantastic creations that appeared in his dream state. He translates his ideas about this state by filming a set of a "sequentially formed sculptures" placed on a spinning armature at a rate of 13 sculptures a second. He lights the sculptures with a strobe light, and the result is a short animation.

"The images exist in real time and viewers are able to share the same space with them. The conflict between sensory information and logic recreates the state of dream reality...[a] visual illusion called the persistence of memory. In this process a series of gestalts is knit into a coherent (or incoherent) whole. Our minds have an overwhelming desire for order. We create the order." - Gregory Barsamian

While our minds attempt to logicise the utterly fantastic with rational explanations, Gregory Barsamian offers us an alternative; the opportunity to see the unconsious without the intrusion of the logical.

Music of the Week

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