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Sunday, March 30, 2008
What the...

Naomi Watts, I understand that you were a huge fan of Michael Hanake's Funny Games, which is why you starred in and produced the US remake, but why are you starring in the remake of The Birds? Why is there even going to be a remake of The Birds? Who the hell thinks they can do a better job than Alfred Hitchcock?! I saw the 90's version of Psycho and it was bullshit. I also saw Disturbia, and guess what? Watching Shia LaBeouf trying to bore me to death for an hour and a half, by acting like a goofball / 'rebel' is not exactly on par with James Stewart in Rear Window.

The Birds is a CLASSIC film. A classic! And classics are timeless - which means you don't have to remake them. Hell, why not remake Rosemary's Baby or The Shining? I for one, would like to see a newer, mediocre version with some famous actor just stuck in there to appeal to a new audience and demographic. How about Tom Cruise replacing Jack Nicholson, and Keira Knightly instead of Mia Farrow? You guys might be laughing but somewhere, there's a studio producer going "That's not a bad idea, except maybe we could replace Tom with Christian Bale, he has more edge."

You know what else I've decided? That the Eiffel Tower having a 'makeover' is a ridiculous, they should leave it the hell alone!

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