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Friday, February 15, 2008
A few of my favourite things...

My, my, it has been a while. Sorry guys, but it's been a shocking few weeks of essay prep., documentary filming/worrying/editing, and general life kerfuffle. However, as a nice little surprise, Romeika and Cotton Candy both tagged me for a lovely little You Make My Day Award and I now get to choose some blogs of my own...

1. The wonderful Riz from
Mode et Utopie who is the most intellectual, fashion savvy blogger I know, and whose posts always get my rather rusty, under-used mind cogs working.

2. LC (and her male conterpart) at Fops and Dandies, fabulous style and sweet posts which normally introduce me to something I never would've come across without her.

3. Dreamecho for having styling chutzpah, and carrying everything off with aplomb.

4. Romeika from
A Room of One's Own who I like to think of as my blogging film professor because she's amazingly cine-literate and eloquent. Her posts make me want to run out immediately and rent every film she talks about because she has good taste.

The Clothes Horse, owner of the most stylish 'vintage-quirky' look this hemisphere. If you see her blog and can resist the pictures of her gallivanting around in flared skirts and sparkly shoes then there's something quite wrong there.

6.Blue Floppy/Drusilla from Nonsense on Stilettoes, resident straight-talker whose posts are usually spot on in her observations, whether it's fashion, art, music or life.

And last, but definately not least, Susie of Style Bubble for unfailingly keeping me up-to-date with the fashion world, for blogging through illnesses and loss of technology, and for just being so damn stylish.