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Thursday, February 28, 2008
Bedside reading...

Bedside table by Josefin Hellström-Olsson

"A book must be an ice-axe to break the seas frozen inside our soul " - Franz Kafka

PS. Don't forget it's the 29th February tomorrow! What will you be doing with your extra day?

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Sunday, February 24, 2008
P is for....

Audrey Tatou's new movie is coming out around March/April and she looks pretty wonderful in it. She's starring as a young gold digger who mistakenly woos a bartender (Gad Elmalah) thinking he's a millionaire. However, when she tries to back out of the scheme, he falls in love. The director (Pierre Salvadori) touts the film as "fresh-re-imagining of the cinema classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's", and you can see the use of iconic signs when you look at the poster with its' Tiffany-blue background, and Tatou in a black dress. As long as the film doesn't attempt to be an exact modern-retelling of Breakfast At Tiffany's, I'll probably enjoy it because Audrey Tatou's a wonderful actress - someone I'd choose if there ever was a need for an exact remake (which there isn't) - and in the trailer she appears to have a wardrobe full of dreamy dresses. Looks like an hour and thirty minutes of French escapism (sans the awful Yunioshi).

Penkov - Sadly, I'm going back to LFW S/S 08 because I only just found them, so Penkov gets their debut here today instead, because it's better late than never.

Anyway, Penkov gets a mention because they produced a s/s collection that was a fresh, not-too-bright (read: floral) which consisted of quite a few versatile pieces that could literally be worn in different ways. And they used lots of sand-coloured fabric to create some gorgeous dresses which can be worn billowing all over the shop, or cinched in creating a bit of a modern-day, Jane Austen look (and you know I just love Jane Austen).

Back in the future at Milan Fashion Week, Prada is stirring up a significant amount of covetous emotion in me, and Pringle is making me excited about winter which is infuriating as just as I become certain that I prefer hot weather, the clothes confuse me and lure me back into wishing it's bloody winter again...I guess it's a sign of my indecisive, somewhat fickle character, but how can I help it after seeing what Miuccia Prada and Claire Waight Keller have come up with?

Prada's winter collection has made me reconsider the appeal of lace, but my real attraction was to the solid dresses which are so stripped down and minimal in their shape and colour, that you have to admire their construction and design. Even the prints look as if they are there to enhance the shape of the dress rather than just some boring print that's just there for the sake of being there.

And while Prada is doing alright on the dress front (if you were looking for a more deconstructive approach to Prada's collection, go here), Pringle has got me by the (very metaphorical) balls, by producing some truly stellar coat designs. I am a sucker for coats, and actually have more coats than I do jeans. Pringle showed some gorgeous heavy, ultra-structured coats which are quite perfect for scowling at merrymakers on dark winter days, and weighty draping coats that look ideal for throwing on and swanning around in.

And to finish, some music:
The Veils - Vicious Traditions
She & Him - I Thought I Saw Your Face Today ('She' being Zooey Deschanel and 'Him' being M.Ward - great album!)
The Black Keys - Till I Get My Way
Bitter:Sweet - Our Remains
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Young Shields

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Friday, February 15, 2008
The Re-invention....

So, in Big News this week, Smarties are bringing back the blue smartie. Seriously. This is big news because the blue smartie was actually my favourite smartie colour, so when they stopped making it because of the artificial colouring they used, I was quite distressed. However, thanks to new findings, they're bringing it back because it's going to be coloured with seaweed. It's almost too exciting, isn't it?

Conversely, Polaroid will be retiring classic Polaroid film which means that unless you have a fridge full of polaroid film, it's bye-bye retro instant photography. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my Polaroid because I don't feel like paying £30 on eBay for 10 pictures, it's a just a bit excessive.

Anyway, I think I'll move swiftly on before I get really het up about the other ridiculous happenings of this week. Aside from the ridiculous, it has also been London Fashion Week which I haven't been following as avidly as I'd like to because I've been a busy little bee.

However, from what I've seen so far, I've been digging MeadhamKirchhoff's (Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff) strong, elegant and ultra-modern take on classic designs, the knitted full-length skirt with the gradient knit top was genius even if you do have to be a tall, thin giant to work a maxi skirt - it has this tough, sexy feel to it and I want it to be mine! I also loved the blazers with updated 'power' shoulders, the nude fabrics with bold graphic lines blazened across, and the fact that they created an empowering collection without including trousers.

And I wish that Paul Smith would offer to stock up my wardrobe with the clothes that I would cherish forever over any other clothing. (Except Rodarte and Giambattista Valli shoes.) I'm especially loving the matching printed tights, and even though some of the clothes are in florals, they're moody florals which is acceptable to me because they don't really deviate from my favoured clothing palatte of navy, black, grey, tan and occasionally moss green. It's almost like he knows me...I wonder how inappropriate it would be for me to declare my undying love for him, probably very.

But, the clothes are wonderful; the headscarfs and knee-length skirts may at first suggest a rather 'missish' repressed, primness, but one look at that model with a shirt slipping off her shoulder, and you know that it's more about barely repressed, elegant, casual sexiness. In my opinion, it's not less is more but more is more. You can keep your body-con Herve Leger and Alaia dresses, and your overt Cavalli animalistic sex-appeal because a femme fatale beats them hands down.

Later ladies! I'll try to post back sooner because I feel awful that I never seem to make enough time to read everyone's blogs.
Edit: Remember this girl from Facehunter and The Sartorialist? I didn't think it was possible for her to match her last outfit, which was basically perfection topped off with emerald heels, but she has. I have nothing but love for the second outfit; it's the flash of colour that the scarf provides along with the slash of dark red lipstick (which is really hard to wear well unless you have quite thin lips, I have found) and her braided hairstyle.

Photo from Garance Dore

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A few of my favourite things...

My, my, it has been a while. Sorry guys, but it's been a shocking few weeks of essay prep., documentary filming/worrying/editing, and general life kerfuffle. However, as a nice little surprise, Romeika and Cotton Candy both tagged me for a lovely little You Make My Day Award and I now get to choose some blogs of my own...

1. The wonderful Riz from
Mode et Utopie who is the most intellectual, fashion savvy blogger I know, and whose posts always get my rather rusty, under-used mind cogs working.

2. LC (and her male conterpart) at Fops and Dandies, fabulous style and sweet posts which normally introduce me to something I never would've come across without her.

3. Dreamecho for having styling chutzpah, and carrying everything off with aplomb.

4. Romeika from
A Room of One's Own who I like to think of as my blogging film professor because she's amazingly cine-literate and eloquent. Her posts make me want to run out immediately and rent every film she talks about because she has good taste.

The Clothes Horse, owner of the most stylish 'vintage-quirky' look this hemisphere. If you see her blog and can resist the pictures of her gallivanting around in flared skirts and sparkly shoes then there's something quite wrong there.

6.Blue Floppy/Drusilla from Nonsense on Stilettoes, resident straight-talker whose posts are usually spot on in her observations, whether it's fashion, art, music or life.

And last, but definately not least, Susie of Style Bubble for unfailingly keeping me up-to-date with the fashion world, for blogging through illnesses and loss of technology, and for just being so damn stylish.