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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Christmas, carpets and catching-up...

Yikes! It feels like so long since I've written a blog entry that I'm not quite sure that I remember how to...Actually, it's been so long since I've typed something coherent on my laptop that my fingers are tripping over the keys, rather than gliding like they used to. What is that? Like when you go back to school after a summer having done no work and finding that you've forgotten how to write, and then it looks like you have the handwriting of a mentally absent 4-year-old.
I think you can see from my bizarre rambling that my brain has been switched to Holiday mode for just a wee bit too long; Christmas cheer and mushy movies are great until you remember you have 2 essays to submit in the first week of the semester. I'm still in denial and continue to sleep in until 2.30pm, but I hope you're all dealing with this post-Xmas lethargy better than I am.
My trip to Edinburgh was lovely, not so much shopping as window-shopping, relaxing and spending time with my closest friend...And eating so much I was ready for the train-conductor to deny me access to the train on the way back home for being fat. Edinburgh's a beautiful city and we were lucky enough to have really crisp wintery weather. Our hotel was amazingly close to the city and the rooms had this strange orange-yellow lighting which sort of made it feel like we were in a Wong Kar Wai film. Not to mention our glorious carpet which makes every other carpet seem dull in comparison.

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