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Friday, January 11, 2008
Bag Lady...

I'm normally quite resistant to anyone having a peak in my bag because I'm a hoarder. I'm the girl who holds up train conductors for several minutes whilst fiercely rummaging in my huge bag looking for my train ticket, emerging triumphantly after finding them in a packet of tissues or half-covered in bits of my cereal bar. However, due to the recent downsizing of my bag, when Susie Bubble tagged me to reveal the contents, I didn't mind so much because the less space, the less crap...sort of.

My extremely functional leather bag which is made of leather that is smoother than a baby's behind.

The beauty regime doesn't really involve much beauty aside from my MAC Tinted lip conditioner, but as you can tell from the packet of tissues, plasters, eye drops, Nurofen and Beechams flu-plus, I am as well stocked for first-aid emergencies as a hospital. I am a bit of a hypochondriac.

Can't forget my keys, never leave home without my iPod. Mind candy is Hiroshima Mon Amour - Marguerite Duras and things of note are jotted down on my post-it notes.

Et finalment, my small red Accessorize purse which is camouflaging itself quite well, a gold ring by Sabine Mueller (who is my step-pater's cousin) red, black and grey ribbon which is handier than you might think, and a postcard of Degas' Before The Performance which is used as a bookmark.

Thrilling no? More captivating posts soon!

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