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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Voids. Filled.

Urgh. Ryvita are horrible. They taste (and look like cardboard) but I can't be bothered making real food. So for now, Ryvita slathered in raspberry jam will have to suffice. I'm not sure why I'm updating really, life has been dull, dull, dull seeing as I have relinquished all forms of social life in favour of working...and shopping. It's funny really because in my Consumer Culture class, we've been studying Marx (long-winded) and other theorists who mostly seem to suggest that we're suppressed and trapped by consumerism - and blinded by it too, I suppose seeing as I seem to have learned nothing from them. Anyway, it's been an escapism of sorts from studying/procrastinating (which by the way has paid off, my last Media essay was selected as an example of well-written work - yes, smite me down for boasting if you want God, but I earned that grade fair and square which means I get bragging rights...plus I gave up Halloween for it. No word of lie.)

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