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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Me and (You)

I always thought those ancient grill radiators that were capable of fending off a stampede were really unsightly, and I used to be utterly grateful there wasn't one in my room, however, designer Byung-seok You is now making me quite annoyed that I don't have one. He's designed this rather nifty little ceramic plate, on which you pop your cup and (in this case) muffins to keep them warm via the heat of the radiator. And I love it. I'm addicted to hot drinks, so this is such an ideal solution to my drinks conundrum where they're always lukewarm before I've finished. It's like a really safe hotplate. Makes me positively nostalgic for those ugly old radiators we had at school - it seems postmodernism is alive and kicking.

On a completely different note, I was watching Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers in my film class today and I fell in love with Ethiopian jazz. I didn't even know there was such a thing as Ethiopian jazz, but in the film, Bill Murray's character Don, is constantly being given mix CDs of Ethiopian jazz by his neighbour Winston. The tracks play continuously throughout the film and the music actually held my attention more than the film did. In my opinion, if you're going to watch a Jim Jarmusch movie, start with Dead Man with Johnny Depp and Crispin Glover, Broken Flowers did nothing for me...except introduce me to a different form of jazz...and remind me just how old Bill Murray is.

Standout tracks:

Yegelle Tezeta - Mulatu Astatke

Yekermo Sew - Mulatu Astatke

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