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Saturday, October 13, 2007
Ski**y Bitch.

I've been having a lot of Why Days recently. Why Days are those days that are awful from the moment you roll out of bed. You're usually running late, you hair won't lie flat, your face is pallid, and you have 'Avoid me' tattooed on your forehead - You wonder why you bothered getting out of bed at all and why the Fates seem to hate you in particular. I think French chanteuse Soko describes this perfectly in her song "Shitty Day," if you haven't heard this song you should, I'm pretty sure every girl in the history of mankind can relate to it.
Anyway, the point is that those days have been aplenty recently, and I think it has something to do with the influx of ultra stylish girls, gazelle-limbed girls at this university.

However, I've found an easy way to conquer my own crappy days in 3 steps:

1. The Death-Mask Face and "Why me God?" Hair I'm not one to push beauty products because that sort of thing hacks me off, but I recently discovered those Neutrogena Pure Glow cleansing cushion things and I am now completely dependent on them. They take like two minutes to use and your face looks pretty damn good after your done. There's a cleaning side and a moisturising side, so if you don't have time for your normal face routine, these babies will be your new friends. Crappy hair calls for one thing in my book and one thing only, put it all up and wear a hat (I personally favour a black or red beret).

2. The Dire Clothing Situation
At times like this, all you can do is go back to the basics, and basics I'm feeling at the moment are from French apparel institution A.P.C. If these simple yet chic pieces can't inspire me to see myself through my "shitty days," I don't think anything can. (The menswear isn't shabby at all either!) They're the sort of clothes you can literally just throw on with minimal fuss if you're running late.

3. The Mean Reds The Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack. I like the movie, but I love the music. Henry Mancini = genius. Music is the remedy for a day like this (unless your Why Days are based on deep-seated emotional problems. Sorry).

On another note

I've fallen in love with this boater hat by J.Smith Esquire. I can only describe it as unobtrusively jaunty and a little bit Enid Blyton.

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