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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
I hate bare feet.

Sometimes I think that I am more grateful to the people behind tights and socks than the inventor of the telephone or the light-bulb. The telephone is pretty damn handy, as is the light-bulb, but I'd be at a real loss without tights and socks. What would keep me warm in the winter months (when I refuse to wear trousers on a regular basis)? How would I pull together seemingly random clothing?
While I wear black, grey, and blue tights on a more regular basis, I still look forward to outfits which go with my crazier tights in bright colours and patterns because they take my outfits from something ordinary and give them character...plus you know I hate bare feet.

Susie-Bubble in a recent post mentioned that her choice of "hosiery's always getting stick," and I often see people on the street making comments about some poor strangers' leg apparel because they think it's over-the-top and 'show-offy,' but wearing interesting tights is not some loud attention-seeking statement, it's just like adding a final polish to an outfit. Apparently some designers agree, because now more than ever I'm seeing socks and tights are rolling down catwalks in riotous patterns and colours, from Eley Kishimoto to Prada. And who can imagine this winter's Prada collection without those colour-block socks?

Eley KishimotoPucci
Lucky for me, I'm not alone in this boat, there is actually a group on Flickr called Fashion My Legs which is devoted entirely to people who wear their tights and socks with style. I picked out some of my favourites and the wearers were kind enough to let me post them on here, which I am so pleased about because these girls have great style!

The sources of some leggy goodness:

Look from London


We Love Colours

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