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Friday, August 17, 2007
On unexplained absences and pathetic excuses.

I'm a little bit convinced that due to my shabby treatment of you guys recently, you will have deserted me for more regularly updated and amusing blogs. I hope this is not the case. I have just been very busy, had the flu (I am currently extremely disgusting and I'm host to a number of vile viruses), and been on the lookout for interesting things to post about.
If you have yet to forgive me, I think Glory Chen shoes will help you change your mind. A company established in San Fransisco by Joy and Vicki Chen, the shoes are designed by Joy Chen who started off in graphic design and moved into shoe design and construction. I think you can easily see the influence of her graphic design background when you see the almost sculptural heels, and I love how quirky they are too (I'm not yet quite sure whether they're pretty or ugly shoes.) They're still the kind of shoes that could fix a crappy day instantaneously.

My (somewhat fickle) heart has also gone running after a concept; 365 Trousers by Eduard Serda, which means that Serda will send you 365 pairs of unique trousers so you never wear the same pair for an entire year. The trousers are sent monthly in a beautifully designed trunk. The trousers range from daring to classic. If I wore trousers often, and earned enough to justify this, I'd go for it. He has every pair listed at his website, along with the fabric samples that inspired him for the month. He sticks to different themes each month, for example January is hand painted/embroidered fabrics and December is leather so there is a kind of coherence to each month, though I'm pretty sure if I rolled up to work in a pair of leather trousers everyday for a month, my boss would think I'm getting paid too much.

January 18th
December 22nd

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