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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Times are hard for dreamers...

So take refuge at Waterloo, a t-shirt label and store set-up by three friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Waterloo's t-shirts are tributes to classic indie films, and ledge musicians and bands, and the prints are completely unique, so you won't see every Joe and...Jenny on the street wearing the same t-shirt as you. And speaking of Joe and Jenny, they do come in guy and girl styles so you can choose what you want, and if you want to match, you can. The lovely people at Waterloo have also created a special 10% coupon for you guys, just use theapathist when checking out.

(I have serious hair and t-shirt envy for this lady right here. The Amelie tee is my personal favourite.)
I heart Seu Jorge. I heart Wes Anderson. Therefore, I heart this 'Life Aquatic' t-shirt.

PS. These t-shirts will probably stir up feelings of envy amongst your friends and complete strangers. The Apathist takes no responsibility for any cat-fights or riots instigated by your cool new Waterloo t-shirt.

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