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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Times are hard for dreamers...

So take refuge at Waterloo, a t-shirt label and store set-up by three friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Waterloo's t-shirts are tributes to classic indie films, and ledge musicians and bands, and the prints are completely unique, so you won't see every Joe and...Jenny on the street wearing the same t-shirt as you. And speaking of Joe and Jenny, they do come in guy and girl styles so you can choose what you want, and if you want to match, you can. The lovely people at Waterloo have also created a special 10% coupon for you guys, just use theapathist when checking out.

(I have serious hair and t-shirt envy for this lady right here. The Amelie tee is my personal favourite.)
I heart Seu Jorge. I heart Wes Anderson. Therefore, I heart this 'Life Aquatic' t-shirt.

PS. These t-shirts will probably stir up feelings of envy amongst your friends and complete strangers. The Apathist takes no responsibility for any cat-fights or riots instigated by your cool new Waterloo t-shirt.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007
So Transparent.

I'm going through a sheer period. By sheer, I mean sheer shirts, which sounds a little bit Alicia Silverstone circa '95 but is actaully more Anne-Valerie Hash circa '07. I couldn't ever wear a sheer shirt without something over/under it, so the way AVH presented them on the runway was perfect. She's also apparently bringing back the spat (for the 'how to' on wearing spats, check Kingdom of Style out), and the curve on those shoes would temporarily make me lose my aversion to feet...in fact, I'd probably lament the fact that I couldn't walk on my hands to wave my shoes around in everyone's face.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007
On Men.

Alber Elbaz at Lanvin made me pretty damn happy when I saw the Spring 08 Menswear collection, I'm loving the layered grey tones and the different shapes work so well, from the slouchy jackets and wider-cut trousers, to the more fitted blazers and the skinnier trousers tucked into the socks. I'm especially in love with bow-ties at the moment.

Costume National's Ennio Capasa made good for his Spring 08 Menswear collection. Neutral colours, trenches, belted jackets, and a little bit Hedi Slimane. However, I was left more than a little bit cold by the deep v-neck knits and what I can only describe as a man-turban. Never ever to be worn off the runway boys, especially when even the model can't pull it off. Leave it to Jafar.

Dior Homme - Kris Van Assche's debut. Can anyone really explain these trousers?...Or the hideous lapels on the jackets? I wasn't bowled over, but I was surprised. Good thing, bad thing? Only time will tell.

And courtesy of The Sartorialist, proving that even non-models can dress well. My favourite young man of recent Sart pictures.

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The Countdown begins...

We're now a week away from what will probably be the biggest book release in the history of print. Remember to pre-order your copy, otherwise on Monday morning, you'll be the only one who doesn't know what's going on when everyone's talking about it at work next to the photocopier. Can you say social outcast?

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Monday, July 09, 2007
Only Slightly Covetous...

My blog won't let me type in a title because it is being childish. If this post had a title, it would be, "Only Slightly Covetous." I hope this isn't a recurring problem, I like having actual titles rather than just the date.
This week I'm pining for something by Romina Karamanea, a London-based designer who I can't really call a newcomer because after graduating from CSM, she worked for Robert Cary-Williams, Clements Ribeiro and Preen. And then in 2005 she began designing her own collection. So newcomer, no. Newly spotlighted, perhaps?
She uses beautiful fabrics in rich tones, while the shapes of her dresses and jackets are almost architectural. Karamanea tried to create a collection that had "sophistication with eccentricity and couture shapes with a ready-to-wear functionality". And in my opinion, she's done just that, I'm just a little bit sad that her pieces are out of my student price range because they are so wonderful, though I'd settle for my favourite which is the black skirt in the A/W collection.

Spring/Summer 07

Autumn/Winter 07/08

On another note, is anyone else enjoying the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue advert on TV at the moment as much as I am?

And does anyone else text/call people in the same house so you don't have to shout or actually go to them? I think I'm getting freaking lazy.

EDIT: Thanks to my first comment-giver for the title tip! It worked!

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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Celine and Julie Vont en Bateau...

After a weekend spent in a stupor, doing nothing but watching movies and eating popcorn, I can firmly say that Celine and Julie Go Boating is one of my favourite films. Directed by Jacques Rivette, it stars Juliet Berto and Dominique Labourier as two friends (Celine, who works as a magician in a small club and Julie, who is a librarian) who find themselves strangely embroiled in a surreal parallel world via a mysterious house in a Parisian suburb that they take turns to go into. In the house, they 'become' nurses to a young child in the house, and they have to keep replaying through the same day in order to progress further and learn more about the people living there and what is going on. Their friendship starts bizarrely but develops in an amusing and natural way. The runtime is about 3 and a half hours so you need a little bit of patience to watch it but it's worth it. The first time I saw it, I was so completely hypnotised by their strange lives and antics, I bought it the next day, and Julie Berto and Dominque Labourier are just so perfect in it.
The film is also strangely inspiring style-wise, despite being made in the 1970's which I often think of as the decade that fashion forgot. If you get a chance, you should give it chance, even if you're not a fan of Rivette or French new-wave cinema. Just don't watch it on a bright summer's day. This film was made for drawn curtains, rainy weather, and no distractions.

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