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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have no "direction." People keep asking me what I want to be when I finish studying and I think I've covered about 5 different areas. I just change my answer according to who it is, and how I feel that day. I'm pretty sure that's what 5-year old kids do.

And because I can dream too, here's my shortlist of dream jobs:
  1. Museum curator at the V&A for the fashion and textile display. (They call her the Operations Manager but that's a terrible job title). I'm obsessed with the V&A. If the V&A was a man, I'd have a restraining order. But, it would be an amazing job.
  2. Window dresser for a department store like Selfridges. Can you imagine how great it would be to design displays for huge windows that thousands of people would see? I can. It would be perfect...I should probably mention that in my daydreams, Ralph Fiennes happens to be walking past when I am bossing people around, and he falls for me and my superb (newly acquired) organisational skills.
  3. Queen of Everything I Survey
  4. Advertising Executive because sometimes I like to pretend I have the potential to be high-powered AND creative. Plus it seems like fun, who doesn't like sitting around tables brainstorming with a bunch of hip, creative types? (I clearly have no experience with the advertising world whatsoever...please give me a job).
  5. Stylist just for a hoot. People wear what you tell them to. What's not to love?!
  6. Wardrobe mistress on historical dramas because it means I don't have to face current trends, I get to meet semi-famous people (be still my beating heart!), and I'm pretty sure I'd try on the clothes at home...Who am I kidding? I'd turn up to work in whalebone corsets and a powered face.
  7. Private Investigator, though I'm confused about whether a female would also be referred to as a 'Private Dick'. I wouldn't care anyway. I already have a marvellous trenchcoat, I reckon I'd be quite a good PI, I'm quite stealthy and I do enjoy a good intrigue.
And here's a list of the jobs I'm most likely to get:
  1. Woman in gutter pretty self-explanatory really.
  2. Dissatisfied housefrau which is even worse than 1 in my books.
  3. Some boring office job in a cubicle like Parker Posey and Toni Collette in Clockwatchers Actually, what do people in offices do? Is it just typing and occasional staring out of the window whilst absentmindedly dunking a Kit-Kat into a coffee? Or is it more than that?
  4. Writing obituaries. For the local newspaper.

PS. Does anyone else wish Grace Jones was still around?

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