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Monday, June 11, 2007
School Daze

Hello. My forced leave has ended, thus I am back to blogging my little heart out.

In case you were wondering about my exams, they went alright, I am not expecting failure but I'm not exactly in the running for Best Student of the Year award either.(I'll probably have to delete this blog when it comes to me job hunting when I graduate, because there's nothing in here which screams "employ me," mostly it just says "delusional, demented underachiever."
I'm not sure whether this is down to That Student's influence on me, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the St Trinian's film when it comes out, especially when I saw the film stills in which Lily Cole looks like Gigantor, Rupert Everett makes a lovely woman, and Colin Firth was being...Colin Firth (yes, he plays the same stuffy, upper-middle class British dreamboat in all his films, but he does it so well...though he is looking a tad bit...jowly shall we say? Hopefully just a bad picture). However, not even the news that Mischa Barton will appear in it will dissuade me. (Though when I heard, I did scream "why" for about 5 minutes because I consider her a complete and utter hacktress...she is pretty though).

Also, on Monday morning, in a bid to put off studying for a bit longer, I went to get my haircut and it definitely taught me a lesson.She totally ignored the fact that I asked her not to cut my fringe short, because I think there are only two people who carry off a short fringe well, and that's Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tatou. However, I couldn't keep an eye on what she was doing because I wasn't wearing my glasses and I'm blind as an owl without them.

I wanted to rant and rage, letting out a stream of profanities as I waved a pair of scissors around in a highly unbalanced fashion. I wanted her to tell me she could fix it with miracle hair-grow. I wanted my mum. Of course, I'm not a confrontational person so I thanked my hairdresser, paid and left. As soon as I got home, I washed my hair, re-dried my hair and it still looked stupid.This may be an overreaction but my hair is on my head and everyone can see it. It taught me an important lesson anyway; procrastination is bad.

Oh it's a sad state of affairs when I'm blogging about my haircut in here. I think perhaps I need a longer break than this, until I think about something vaguely interesting to write.
PS. Sympathy appreciated. If you'd like to share your horrific haircut stories, please do, and if you don't have any, feel free to make them up.

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