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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

Inside every driver in India is a stunt driver waiting to happen. It's enough to make you feel like you're in a Hollywood high speed car chase scene. It's like having twenty near-death exeriences in the span of ten minutes.

Of course, there is a practical side to this. Most Indian cars don't have much in the way of air conditioning except for a dinky little fan that does nothing. So you rely primarily on open windows for ventilation. The faster you go, the better the wind circulation and the better you feel. It makes traffic jams so much worse than normal though. Not only do you want to get to your next destination quickly, but you suddenly find yourself sitting in sweltering stagnant heat and humidity.

Today was bad in the humidity department. The rainy season is coming up, and Calcutta is an already humid city. My back was like a waterfall while riding in the back seat. And cotton is great because it's light, but it's also very absorbent. I think Indians have a silent agreement to ignore each other's sweat stains, which is great because I could literally wring moisture out the back of my shirt. I'm a California girl. And while this isn't a "Always have been, always will be situation," I live far enough away from the beach to be able to take dry heat for granted.

For instance, the skin on my face is normally very dry. I have to put two huge blobs of Clean and Clear Morning Brightness Lotion (or whatever it's called) just to get it barely to a normal moisture level. Since I've come here though, I've stayed clear of my face lotion and yet my face still feels like it went through a steam bath.

Now, I'm going to go lay on my bed underneath the ceiling fan and hope for the best. Hope you're having fun in what I assume is air conditioned bliss.

That Student

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