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Sunday, May 20, 2007

...which means 'would like to meet' for those of you who don't understand 'Personal ads' lingo. Yeah, every week, I read the Personals in my Sunday paper and pick out my favourites because procrastinating is fun.
I'll share some of this week's with you:

Chunky monkey seeks passionate primate for unfinished monkey business. M,30 seeks F, for fun and adventures.

Harry Hotspur, 47 seeks Grace Darling for romancing in border hill country.
(Okay, Harry Hotspur was a medieval nobleman from 1366 while Grace Darling was a lifeboat heroine who saved people from a shipwreck in 1838. I don't know how many woman could be attracted to a guy who mixes up time periods like that, I know I like my guys to be historically accurate.)

Civilised Satyr M, in New Forest, only wildlife and SOH for company, WLTM moderately mature nymph, for art and love.

I'm not Brad, you're not Angelina, every week we read these, why not call me?

I think if I ever got to the stage where I was going to sit at home trying to figure out the best way to describe myself for the Personals, I'd probably have worked out a deal with my friends where they tie me to a chair until I see sense that there are better ways to lose my dignity. Like walking into walls and so on (apologies to anyone who has ever participated in the Personals process).

This weekend, I met Comptoir des Cotonniers. Not for the first time as I had seen their ads in magazines before, but I saw their collections for the first time. And I love them. The ads are based around the concept of mothers and daughters both dressing in CC, and they're sort of incredibly sweet, though I can't imagine it working so well in reality.
Maybe it's just me, but does anyone actually just hang out with their mother like this? Like randomly in fields, or on the beach just being all pretty and well-dressed? I wonder if this is only possible in France.

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