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Monday, April 16, 2007
Varying degrees of (a)pathetic.

Googling is addictive. Until I was 8, I used to live in Nairobi, I led a sheltered existance; private school, ballet classes, piano lessons (which I was told to give up because my fingers were too fat)but major upheavals (remember, I was 8) came when my parents separated suddenly, and I moved to England with my sister and mum, leaving behind all my friends, and most importantly, W. - who was the love of my life (age 5-8). If you see my class photos, I'm the dorky one looking up at the boy next to me, instead of the camera. So, when I embarked on my 'old schoolfriend Googling spree,' he was the one I started with.

And guess what? W. lived about three-quarters of an hour away from me since he was 13. Yeah. He got a scholarship when finishing at a snooty school in Surrey, where they sail and share 'tuck' with boys nicknamed Pongo. And now he goes to Oxford University. He's an over-achiever. I should have known. Samuel, who I hated because used to be completely ridiculous also got a scholarship...and an afro. He still looks stupid. The only one I can't find is Lindsay. She was this annoying, prissy American girl who did everything just perfectly...and all I can find is a minor baseball player with that name. Maybe she had a sex change. That would be too good to be true. Except that would make her/him/it a professional baseball player aged 18, which makes her/him/it a sporting overachiever. I might just spread rumours that she did have a sex change. Maybe I'm an overachiever at being vicious. I sure hope so.

It's funny though, that in the end, I don't really want to talk to them, or see them ever again. I hate reunions, I'd much rather see their lives on a screen so I don't have to make endless, pointless conversation which I know will end in "we must keep in touch." I still care though. That's a bit irritating.

EDIT: I found her! I found Lindsay! She was a prefect. I knew it. I can't believe it, she had the same hairstyle in 2005 as she did in 1995, but seems to have no other overachieving qualities. Ahhhh, breathe easy Meg, breathe easy.

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