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Monday, April 30, 2007
To the style-mobile!

As much as I occasionally like being fashionable and participating in certain trends (tulip skirts, platforms, and the art of draping), I have lately felt drawn to the opposite of what is in vogue. I'm sick of seeing girls wearing bloody tunics and smocks everywhere, I'm sick of too-skinny jeans, I'm beginning to despise leggings and I wish Kate-bloody-Moss would just disappear. Topshop happens to be the only vaguely decent place to shop in Lancs...and the vintage hall, to get to civilisation you have to go to Manchester. They have some great shops in Manchester, so even if I don't want to buy anything/am totally broke, I can just be around clothes that haven't been designed with Kate Moss wannabes in mind. I am returning home mid-June, and one of the first things I am doing, is going to the mothership; Uniqlo. Uniqlo can be described with one word; perfection. You can mould classic designs to your own style instead of looking all sheep-like. You're probably thinking that it's simple to be indivdual, but for me, when clothes have endless patterns and designs on them, it's no good. I don't mind the occasional design or motif, but it's the frenzied art attack style prints which make me lose it. I'd like to see people who are inspired to wear clothing which represents them as opposed to just mindlessly copying everything they see celebrities wear because they think it's cool. Am I reaching for the stars?
Uniqlo says no. And I believe them.

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