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Monday, April 23, 2007
Back to Black.

Only 180 days to go until winter is upon us. While I'm the kind of girl who loves summer, I'm not the kind of girl who enjoys wearing summer clothes. I like to wear tights, long socks and winter coats as long as humanly possible. I love winter clothes. There's just something about summer clothes which just doesn't appeal to me, it might be because I always end up feeling like I've given up style in favour of practicality because it gets too hot, and I can't bothered anymore.

Getting me through this summer, and excited for winter are this lot. Make sure you check out Giambattista Valli's shoes, they are brilliant! House of Dagmar's print knits with emerald giant sequins caught my eye too, as did Veronique Leroy's winter coats with gloves, and Rick Owens gorgeous heavy leather-sheepskin aviator jackets.

Rick Owens

Veronique Leroy


House of Dagmar

Giambattista Valli

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